Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef

First holiday up for 2013 (and the very end of 2012) was a quick visit to Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef.

We were there for a bit over four days, with our main focus on snorkelling. We had one day rained out due to the effects of Tropical Cyclone Mitchell, which was a few hundred kilometres from us for the first two days. But we got some very good snorkelling in. But to prove it, here’s some video using Robert’s new toy, a GoPro Hero camera:

Here are a few other highlights from the trip:

The very last phonebox (or so it seems), in the middle of the National Park:

Last Phonebox

The view from the lighthouse:

LH Panorama

Charles Knife Canyon:

CK Pano

Helen and an echidna found by the side of the road:

Helen and Echidna

And finally, a couple of sunsets:

2012 Sunset

Wobiri Sunset

Not pictured: Harold E Holt Naval Communications Station (don’t want to give anyone any ideas), the turtle we saw at night doing a tour of the rookery, and the sheer ‘mining boom-iness’ of the cars and people in Exmouth.

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